Kevin Suber

As an entrepreneur, I was one of many people that got smashed in the economic melt down of 2007-2008. While I ultimately shifted the focus of my business and was able to recover, the process of correcting the destruction to my personal finances remained ongoing. When iRestore came along I was looking for answers on how to recover. How do I get rid of this debt permanently? How do I get rid of these derogatories so I can get access to capital. iRestore was the answer and a pathway to eliminating 20 plus derogatories and an increase of 150 points to my credit score.

Thank you iRestore!


George Baylor

As a former Banker, Mortgage Broker, and Credit Specialist, I thought I knew a lot about the rules of credit. However, since enrolling in the CES101 Program offered by iRestore this past year, I have both realized and learned there is so much more to know about keeping ones credit score high under the new FICO Credit Reporting Guidelines. Additionally, I have learned that the three major Credit Bureaus are required to adhere to the laws of the Fair Credit Reporting Act which is not always being done. In the years following the US economy challenges of 2008 and 2009, it became very difficult for me to control my debts; thus, my credit scores dropped to the mid 500 and low 600 levels which caused my monthly expenses to increase. After submitting my information to iRestore and allowing iRestore to work on my account, I am excited to tell you that my credit scores have hit the 790 Excellent Credit Level. What is even more exciting is knowing my scores will go higher through the iFS Program offered by iRestore. In closing, I have witnessed amazing results by many iRestore Associates and Customers who have seen their credit scores rise and debts eliminated; therefore, I highly recommend enrolling into the iRestore system.


Manny Garcia

In 2008, I found myself severely in debt and deep in depression and the harassing calls only increased, I enrolled for credit consolidation in 2009 and took an aggressive approach and completed their five year program in three years at the cost of fourteen thousand dollars ($14,000.00), five years later my situation had little improvement. In April of 2014 I was introduced to iRestore and I felt a sense of hope, I enrolled in the CES101 educational program and in my first 30 days I had $3390.00 of debt eliminated and a FICO score increase of 113 points, if knowledge is power than ignorance breeds poverty, let's educate and empower the masses!!!!!


Kendall Peterson

I have been in the banking and finance industry since 1996 including a decade as a stock broker managing millions of dollars of my clients' assets. Over those years I have evaluated over 400 networking and direct sales companies. Out of all of them, THIS management and leadership team is the ONLY one I have chosen to work with. And iRestore's results can't be matched. My credit score is up 90 points in 30 days! I'm passionate about the iRestore service because I see how its reinforcing families, and I'm excited about the business aspect which has the potential to revolutionize the networking profession. iRestore has already begun building financially strong families across America - one family at a time.


Vicky Paynter

As hurricane Katrina devastated the Gulf Coast in 2005 it damaged my finances as well. As I struggled to get an upper hand on my situation, I sought refuge through credit restoration in 2008. After donating eleven thousand dollars ($11,000.00) and years of frustration to an ineffective antiquated technology, I was introduced to iRestore. Three weeks after enrolling in the CES101 educational program I had $22,000.00 dollars of debt eliminated and received a 76 point increase on my credit score, it happened to me and I still can't believe it....... Thank you so much for my new beginning!!!!


Individual results will vary and depend on many factors. iRestore is not a credit repair organization and does not offer any credit repair services. iRestore does not guarantee any specific credit outcomes. By law we cannot guarantee that we will be able to remove any specific credit-related item that an Assocaite desires, or that we can obtain any specific credit score that an Associate or Retail Customer may desire. References in these testimonials and on calls are merely a statement of historical facts.


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